A Roadmap for the Creative Finessessional.

THE roadmap for
the creative finessessional


An undated, customizable agenda for the creative entrepreneur with various hustles.

Hustler’s Agenda is a double entendre; the intent of a hustler and the planner to guide your days. Each entrepreneur’s journey is unique and one must often make their own rules.

A marriage of the 'finesse' and the 'professional', this agenda is the essential sidekick to your multiple endeavours.



  • 6.75 x 9 inches
  • Hand-coated matte black soft cover, perfect-bound style, white pages
  • Motivational Book Dedication for the year
  • Three 3 year Overview glance (2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Three-Month/Quarter Plan Spread every 3 months to mark key long-term objectives; Primary/Secondary goals outline; Doodle space for timeline; Key goals list for each month
  • 12 Fill-in Month thought-provoking title spreads
  • Monthly Focus sheet to vision the month ahead and new developments
  • Monthly 'Main Ting, Side Ting' Priority list sheet
  • Strategy Spread of Wins/Obstacles/Blockers Forecast Sheet + Debrief Section 
  • Personal + Professional Budget Sheet
  • Monthly Gratitude Sheet
  • 52 Fill- in weekly spread to start/stop the agenda at any point/project point
  • Weekly Top-3 Priorities Checklist
  • Weekly Blank Notes Section
  • Weekly Hit List/To Do List  

Cleaning Instructions: Take a damp (not wet) soft cloth and gently wipe the outside cover of the book to clean fingerprints and life marks.  Buff to dry with soft cloth or air dry.



— $39 cad —



NONTRAST is an experience design studio. Based in Toronto, Canada, NONTRAST develops in-house lifestyle products, while consulting and designing experiences for commercial artists, music and lifestyle brands.

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Volume One: When The Sun Goes Down
Rise and grind, give thanks, repeat.
Welcome to the Winter.

Volume Three: Magic Hour
Hustlers have hearts too.  
Keep your blood flowing, fam.

Volume Two: Pop Rocks Shawty
For the platform-wearing sunshine shooter with multiple income streams.
Go 'head boo, we see you.